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Our Process


It all starts with a vision in which I help bring to fruition. I like to think from abstract to tangible. I start with a broad picture view of the project, and together (you +me), we articulate the project's main objective. Our words will paint the direction of what we aspire to accomplish, shaping as we go.


The proposal stage allows me to digitize and divide the project into several deliverables and mediums. Then, I set up what I like to call a discovery call to present these plans to the client, as in the design proposal. Once I receive the okay and finalize a few details, we start the project.


It's time to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. At this step, I am hard at work developing the project, following each guideline presented to me by the client. I want you, the client, to approve the designs as they come to life. We continually communicate your vision until it's achieved, meaning you play an active role in the design process.


Finalizing details and applying feedback is critical, and I handle it with the utmost importance. My finalization process breaks down each individual aspect of the project while consider-ing it as a whole. So that, in time for launch day, your project experience is as accessible, user-friendly and SEO optimized as possible.

Ready to take the next step?
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