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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Create Your Own Website

Keywords: time, audience, user-friendly

  1. It takes a lot of time, and I mean a lot. Sure, designing a website sounds fun in the grand scheme of things. You can utilize the fun templates, fonts, and designs and make them your own. However, websites take a long time to design. It's not always smooth-sailing either—the amount of time we have spent formatting a single photo or text (and we've been doing this a while) is crazy. Think of it like this; it's easy to look at an Instagram photo of a delicious-looking meal and think, "I could totally make this." However, when you actually buy the ingredients, spend the time making it, and take that first bite, you realize you were far from right. It's like that, but instead, you spend a lot of time creating a website, and it doesn't work. Website design is more than just fun templates; many not-so-fun things come with it (believe us).

  2. You won't create it for your audience. Remember those fun templates we were talking about earlier? Well, we weren't kidding. They are out there, and there are a lot of them, along with a variety of colours and styles. Unfortunately, it's very overwhelming (to say the least). All you needed was a simple website that reflects your shop, but instead, you find yourself integrating your favourite colours, texts, and styles. Before you know it, you go from pastels to dark colours—standard texts to unreadable texts. It happens; we've seen it!

  3. It isn't user-friendly. What if you get past how long it takes, all of the distractions, and create a beautiful website? It sounds like the ultimate dream, right? Then, you share the link to it on all of your socials, excited for your customers to see, but then a trail of messages starts. "I can't see anything." "I can't read your text." The list goes on. Most of us use our computers to design our websites but forget to test them out on other devices, especially our cellphones. Most of your customers will be using their cell phones to access your website; therefore, your website must be user-friendly. Do you know how to achieve this?

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